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Cara and I attend national trade shows dedicating an entire convention floor to companies that design and manufacture frames. We generally pass on shows where the more boutique, unique individual designers display their lines. Since there are hundreds of companies with ten of thousands of frame styles, it is impossible for an eye care professional to carry all lines.

So how do we decide on a particular company?

When you come to our office, you will find frame lines that we carry based on a number of factors. We look for companies that use good-quality zyls (plastics) and metals. Poor-quality zyl won’t hold an adjustment and will quickly bend out of shape. Poor-quality metal is brittle, and its color flakes off. We look for interesting, wearable styles ranging from conservative to playful to outrageous. We seek companies that have a reliable stock so if your glasses break, you won't experience a six-week backorder before replacement. We also require companies to stand behind their products with a minimum of a one-year product warranty.

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