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Order Contact Lenses

contact lenses case

Read this first!

Thank you for ordering your contact lenses through our office. We are excited to offer you the convenience of online ordering but with a couple of caveats.
  1. If you want to use your vision plan benefits for your contact lenses, do not use the online service. Just call or email our office to leave your order. This way, we can bill your plan directly. (If you order contacts online, you’ll have to submit the paperwork for reimbursement yourself.)
  2. If you want the contacts to come to our office (avoiding a shipping charge), leave the order directly with our office by email or phone us at 1-415-777-3130. Orders usually arrive midmorning the next day.

Please call 1-415-777-3130 or drop us an email if you run into any issues with the ordering site. It is operated by the same distributor we use to order our lenses for the office, so the company is quite responsive to problems.