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The scoop on fitting eyewear

eyeglasses fitting
  • Glasses stay on your face by resting on three touch points: your nose and behind each ear.
  • If you try on a zyl frame and there is a gap between the bridge of your nose and the bridge of the glasses, those glasses will always slide down your nose. When you try on glasses, run your fingers along the temples (the side pieces) to the end. If they end before the bend in your ear, chances are the temples are too short. Again, the glasses will tend to slide.
  • Look to see if your eye is somewhat centered in the eyepiece of the frame. If your eye is toward the inside of the lens, the illusion is that your eyes are more close set than they really are (and visa versa if your eyes are near the outside edge of the lens).
  • Progressive lenses (no line bifocals) don’t work well in a shallow frame. There are some progressive designs like Varilux Ellipse specifically for shallow frames that work well but the deeper the frame, the larger the reading area.
  • There’s a lot to consider to make glasses work the way you want them to, and the issues get compounded the higher your prescription.

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