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There are no studies that show that taking vitamin supplements will prevent macular degeneration. There are well designed studies that do show once a person develops early signs of macular degeneration (we look for those signs in a routine eye exam), taking specific supplements greatly reduces the risk of developing a more serious and vision threatening form of macular degeneration (a second... Read more

As a parent, I tend to divide the ‘care of child’ world into what is really scary, what is worrisome and what is normal. Retinoblastoma is a primary cancer of the eye that can occur in children. It is uncommon and is usually noticed by an unusual appearance to the pupil in which you see a white or amber glint instead of the usual black. Infantile glaucoma is also unusual and may cause a child... Read more

The fastest growing segment of the US population is people over 80 and more than 80% of them are living independently. Dr. Haegerstrom-Portnoy has been conducting a longterm study (15 years and still going) with a group of elders in Marin to evaluate what happens to vision as we age and has described several functions that are significantly impacted. Below are some of her research results.... Read more