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A brief history:

Rochelle Slamovich received her doctor of optometry degree from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Optometry in 1980. She spent the next two years working at several optometry practices in San Francisco and providing vision screenings at elementary schools in the East Bay, often examining 150 children in one day (never so many colds in her life!). Working in other offices afforded Dr. Slamovich the opportunity not only to expand her clinical skills, but also to observe the day-to-day aspects of running a private optometry practice. Her decision to offer lunchtime appointment hours was a result of seeing an unmet need. She started her own practice in 1982. Dr. Eileen Chan, also a UC grad, has been with Dr. Slamovich’s practice since 1988. Cara Kopowski, our optician, joined the practice in 2000.


Personalized eye care for your individual needs.

Our job is to evaluate the health of your eyes and how to help you see clearly. (This is the Jewish mother part: one of our jobs is to worry about your eyes.)

We evaluate how to correct your vision based on your job requirements and lifestyle (sports, hobbies), avoiding a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. Because of our depth of experience, we have the technical, practical, and clinical feel for what will work for your particular need. And we stay up to date on new contact lenses, optical lenses and surgery options.

In addition, we attend a minimum of 25 hours of continuing education each year, covering such topics as myopia development, diabetes (the leading cause of blindness in the US), dry eyes, allergies, and updates in cataract and refractive surgery. One of our most important responsibilities is to refer you to the appropriate specialist when your issue is outside our expertise.

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