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Rave Reviews

There is no better eye doc than Dr. Slamovich. She takes her time to properly diagnose more than just your eyes and truly cares about her craft. My eyes are my life and my income and I trust no other person to examine and prescribe for me.

Steve S., Yelp Review

Rochelle has been my optometrist for 20+ years, and now my wife and children use her as well. She's the best doctor I've ever encountered. Rochelle and her staff are professional, yet friendly and approachable.

Robert S., San Francisco Attorney

Rochelle is awesome. I have never been to an optometrist who made me feel so comfortable. The exam was quick and painless. She was even better at helping me pick out an awesomely sexy pair of glasses. I was recommended to her by a friend and have recommended her to a friend as well.

Cassy R., Yelp Review

Rochelle is so skilled. I got the best prescription I have ever had from her. She also has an awesome selection of frames and I felt that the way she fit them to me and to my daughter was really thoughtful and that we both wound up with glasses that were really really comfortable and really really flattering!

Sara D., Yelp Review

Dr. Slamovich is the best in the city. She just does what she does best—diagnose the current state of your eyesight. She never pushes you to buy the most expensive frames, or try contacts that you don't need. I've been going to her for years and even though I had moved to New York City for 10 years, she was still my "main" optometrist and made sure I'd go in for a yearly check-up with her whenever I was in town.

N.D., Yelp Review