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The foundation of our practice is a thorough general eye examination. We start with a history of THE CONCERNS that bring you into our office. Dr. Slamovich and Dr. Chan determine what prescription will make you see well for your specific needs. Your binocular vision (how effectively do you use your eyes together) is also taken into account. We measure the pressure inside the eyes, do a visual fields test and often dilate the pupils (to better observe the internal structures of your eye), and then photograph the retina to assess for glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Instruments like our topographer map out in detail the shape of your cornea, which aids in our finding the best contact lenses fit.

The information garnered from the exam is a starting point to determine what options there are to best correct your vision. Both doctors are skilled in specialty contact lenses for dry eyes, astigmatism and bifocal needs. Myopia control using contact lenses in children whose vision is rapidly deteriorating is a new and exciting treatment to slow down that progression.

If you are interested in surgically correcting your vision with LASIK, the doctors will help determine if you are a candidate, discussing the risks, benefits and long range implications. They perform the pre- and postoperative care, working with highly skilled surgical specialists. A nonsurgical option to vision correction is through corneal remolding technology (CRT), which is available through our office.

We carry diverse and fun frame lines and can custom order colors, styles and sizes on approval (see eyewear). We fill outside prescriptions as well as provide safety glasses for work and sports.

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